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It is very competitive to get a place in the UK so if you are not sure about your acceptance and willing to study in a European country, the University of Debrecen in Hungary can be a perfect place to pursue your career dreams. The University of Debrecen is the largest University in Hungary with approximately 27,000 students and more than 3000 international students from all around the world. The University invested lots of money into new buildings, new equipments so you will find state of the art learning facilities accompanying with a tranquil and peaceful environment. Reaching Debrecen is very easy now because there are straight flights from London-Luton airport by WizzAir. Application is separated from the UCAS application so it can be a good backup plan. The Representative of the University of Debrecen assists to win a place at the University of Debrecen. He is in this business for many years and helped more than 300 British students.
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About the University

  • All programs are taught in English
  • High standard of education
  • Degrees are accepted all around the world
  • Well qualified academic Staff
  • Student Hostels are on site within 5 min.
  • Peaceful, tranquil campus
  • Modern, new, state of the art learning facilities
  • Secure campus with 24 hour security
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  • Dealing with the applications and collecting the required documents
  • Gives you hand how to apply
  • He is from Debrecen so he informs you on the application, entrance tests, the University, the City, the way of life in Hungary, Debrecen, accommodation, shops etc...
  • Upon request he is happy to meet you and show you around in Debrecen to view the University, the City, finding accommodation close to the University etc...
  • He is willing to help with any problems during your entire studies
  • Gives you tips on the entrance examination
  • There is no extra, additional cost for the assistance, you are paying only what the University requires
  • But with the assistance you can take the entrance exam in your country – as the representative allowed to organise entrance examinations abroad.
  • The representative gives you all the relevant information regarding the application procedure, tips for the entrance exam, the city, the University, the way of life in Debrecen, Hungary etc….. so a lots of useful information what you might wouldn’t be able to get.
  • On the other hand the representative available in Debrecen anytime so the students and parents can contact him if there is a problem need to be solved.
  • Most Popular Programs

    Medicine study in Hungary at the University of Debrecen takes 6 years / 10 semesters + 1 year intern-ship/.

    The reason why the course is 6 years because the 6th year is equivalent of FY1 in UK (after graduation where you do foundation year for two years). So after graduation if you chose to come to UK, you can skip FY1 and continue from FY2. Otherwise, the ‘actual’ medical programme is 5 years long. One advantage of doing 6 years is that you gain a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD degree) which is better than if you do 5 years in UK and get a Bachelors Degree. I would recommend you to look at the 6 years course. I know it may seem like a long way, but trust me it will be worth it in the long run. Those who finish it successfully and graduate will get an M.D. degree. The curriculum of the medical program meets all the requirements prescribed by the European medical curriculum, outlined by the Association of Medical Schools in Europe in 1993. The degree received is accepted in all EU countries and several other countries around the world. The courses taught in English, however learning basic medical Hungarian is required in order to be able to communicate with patients from the third year on. The syllabuses and classes of all courses correspond to European standards.

    Dentistry study in Hungary at the University of Debrecen takes five years (10 semesters) leading to a D.M.D. degree.

    The five year program at Debrecen has been carefully structured and designed to ensure a high standard of knowledge, skills and responsibility of dental surgeons. From the second year, some special dental disciplines are instructed such as Dental Materials and Introduction to Fixed Prosthesis by which students can gain understanding of materials used for taking impressions or making crowns, and they also acquire the basics of tooth preparation for crowns and bridgework. During the first and second year, a thorough understanding of the basic medical sciences is gained. In the beginning of the program, lectures in Odontology and Preventive Dentistry make students acquainted with dental anatomy and the prevention of cavities. In addition to the extensive theoretical education, the basics of dental training is also introduced with subjects like Medical Chemistry, Biophysics, Anatomy, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Physiology, Biochemistry and Neurobiology.

    The program last for 7 semester. Tuition fee is 17 000 Usd/ semester.

    The main objective of the Professional Airline Pilot education is to give the applicants the knowledge and skills that make the passing of the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) integrated training’s manual and academic licencing of the National Transport Authority, Aviation Authority possible without any further education. Our aim is to train professionals who are capable of working for aviation companies as professional pilots, who understand aviation, traffic, air operation and ground handling assignments and tasks, who can manage valid quality control tasks, have met requirements of ATP (A) (Airline Transport Pilot, Aircraft) integrated training. Our future graduates understand and excel in the usage of the professional English language as per the 1178/2011(2011.11.03.) EU ordinate.

    Pharmacy study in Hungary take five years (10 semesters) Pharmacists are trained in the clinical use and application of drugs, the therapeutic goals of drug use, their formulations, contraindications, adverse effects, and the potential for drug interactions.

    As drugs have become more potent and specific and information more plentiful, pharmacists have assumed a primary responsibility for monitoring drug therapy. Since the professional role of the Pharmacist has become integral to modern health care, education in this field is constantly evolving. pharmacy lab debrecenJPEG pharmacy lab debrecen pharmacylab4 Pharmacists are active in primary patient care activities such as hypertension screening, therapy with over-the-counter products, patient profiles, and drug regimens review. They understand the health care needs of specialised patient groups, such as children and the elderly. In addition to a thorough familiarity with the nature of drugs their professional training must consider both the medication and the patient, with emphasis on making certain that the patient has the right drug, in the right amount, for the right length of time, and with a minimum of adverse effects. Most pharmacists practice in patient-oriented settings, including The community, Hospitals, Extended health care facilities or public health clinics. Other opportunities for employment of pharmacists exist in the following areas: Pharmaceutical industries in research and development, Manufacturing industries, As medical service representatives, Educational institutions, government agencies, health maintenance organizations, and home-based health care programs.

    Testimonial from Dr. Amit Dattani D.M.D

    The University of Debrecen is a sound institution, specialising in the medical sciences. It has a high academic standard and students are expected to work hard to pass each subject in order to continue to the next semester. All the professors speak good English and...

    Testimonial from Dr. Gurpreet Singh Nandra

    My Name is Guri Nandra. I studied Dentistry at the University of Debrecen. I qualified in 2013. I have had a great experience in Debrecen. Initially it took a while to get comfortable. Adjusting to the Hungarian life was...

    Testimonial from Ravi Chandarana

    ’In my experience so far as a first year student at The University of Debrecen, I have found it a very welcoming and friendly environment to study in. The truly international nature of the University means that you will meet...

    Testimonial from Osama Al-Okati

    ’One of the main reasons of selecting Dentistry at the University of Debrecen was the fact, how well established the university is and its widely recognised degree. I am from the UK and currently fifth year. All the professors and....